My Story:

I am a senior project manager who has a strong work ethic ( aka, "heavy work load") and has never been able to find a hobby that would keep me interested long enough to develop any notable results.  I've bounced from hobby to hobby and have only created frustration for myself.  I've been exploring photography for some time and have found that it's a great marriage between the creative and technical needs that I have.  Thus, something that I don't easily get bored with.  

Very quickly I was able to achieve some great results and positive feedback.  With a growing confidence my wife & I decided to take this hobby and turn it into something that would be self-sustaining.  We started the journey of exploring architectural photography and discovered a photographer named Mike Kelley.  Using Mike’s work as inspiration we've been able to develop the necessary equipment and techniques to build our own portfolio of projects. Living in Denmark we have been inspired by Scandinavian architectural design for it is truly unique in the world.  Its minimalistic approach is accentuated by a modern style and a focus on sustainable materials.

Our approach to each project is unique; listening to the goals and desires of my clients allows us to adjust our techniques to ensure their satisfaction.  The ambition within each project is to evoke an emotional response from the moments in time that we create.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.  

Andrew & Anna.

Stopping for refreshments in Verona, Italy.

Company Information:

Melbærvej 18
6920, Videbæk
Cvr. no. 36 58 14 92